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Letter to Editor - November 2015

Letter to the Editor:

On behalf of the Carroll County Animal Protection League's Board of Directors and members, we wish to thank all the attendees and the following sponsors and donors of their silent auction items for our 7th. Annual Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction, held October 24th, 2015. We raised over $12,000.00 towards the continuing construction of our no-kill animal shelter located at 4901 Canton Rd. NW, Carrollton. Ohio.

Carrollton area: Fusion Ceramics, Inc.-Rick & Carol Hannon; Stoneman Law Office & Stoneman Title Agency; Sunset Beach Tanning, LLC; William Rohrer ; Donald "Pete" Slates; Tom & Wendy Wiley; Carrollton Ace Hardware; McBane Insurance & Financial Services, Inc; AXI Dental, LLC-Family Dental; Atty. Thomas Cranston Law Office; Richard & Nancy DiRienzo; Fred & Eileen Rohrer; Deluxe Body Shop-Roger & Robin Brooks; Dorothy “Dot” Horrigan; Bill and Barb Martin; Curt Adams, CPA; Ann Mauch & Walter Feist; The Carpet Shop; Ron, Darla, & Kayla Lucas; Atty. Steve Barnett & Jennifer and family; Judge John & Mrs. Melanie Campbell; Matthew & Erica Zeedyk family; Tamara Sanderson; Newell Realty & Auctions, LLC; Sherman & Patricia Oyer; Tom Turnipseed-Allstate Agency, Inc.; Joe & Darla Murray; Barry Busse; Doug & Vicki Stephens; Murphy’s Russell Terriers & Bob Tack; Thorne's IGA; Pizza Hut; Subway; Betty Kaye Bakery; Archer's Restaurant; Mark, Karla & Bailey Wells; ELM Electronics-Radio Shack; Advanced Auto Parts; Ashton Ben Franklin's 5&10; Farmer's Exchange; Jobes Pharmacy; Sheckler Excavating, Inc.; Dollar General Market; Lumber Service, Inc.; Consumer's National Bank; Fair Vision; M&M Tobacco Store; Clark & Debbie Herrington; Carroll County Auditor & Staff; McDonald's; Davies Hair Design; Carrollton Chiropractic Center; Tractor Supply Center; H&M Tire; CMR Automotive Repairs, Inc.; John Walters, DVM; Jeff & Shelley Albaugh; Denny & Pat Roudebush; Dotty's Craft Center; Touch Free Wash; The Lighthouse; Timeless Cuts-N-Styles; Free Press Standard; Paperworks & More; Huebner Chevrolet-Subaru; D&D TV & Appliances; Bud's Farm Toys; Tom Konst; Kim Frantz; Carson NAPA Auto Parts; Carrollton Country Flowers.

Malvern area: Furey Motor Company; West End Pizza; Trudy Gaines; Peggy Jocek; Dona Young; Sandy Schmucker; Grand Rental Station; Karen & "Apache"& Bambi" Polony-Malvern; Firehouse Grill; Bob & Barbara Manning; Massillon Women's Club; Mark & Cathy Cawthorne; Lake Mohawk Property Owners Association; Richard & Regina Smith; Crowl Lumber; Crowl Interiors; Woods Grocery; Georgie’s Beauty Salon; Sonny & Lorna Whaley; Sheila Sheppler; Colfor Manufacturing, Inc; Fox ASAP Auto.

Minerva area: Tropical Paradise; Kathy Hart; Doggie Style Grooming; Straight A' Supply; Grinder's; Kishman's IGA; Jane Miller; Minerva Veterinarian Clinic; O'Reilly Auto Parts; Gordon's Furniture; Rae's Jewelry; Kohmann Mower; Darren & Tammy Garrett-Garrett’s Mowing, LLC.

Other areas: Wynn & Su Arnold-Melbourne, Florida; DeNoon Lumber-Bergholz; Rick & Doris Untch; Ken & Audrey Peters & P.J.’s Fabricating, Inc.- Canton; Dr. Paul Buck-Country Line Veterinarian Clinic-Homeworth; Greg & Valorie Herman-Indianapolis, Indiana; Mary Lou Godsey & Anita Morris -Beloit; Billie's Home & Garden Accents-Mineral City; Cibo's Restaurant; -Waynesburg; Shane, Mandie & Aiden McCort-Sherrodsville; Steven J. Smith-Parma; Baum Insurance Agency & Patricia Jacoby-North Canton; Mona Jean Smith-Middleton-San Diego, Calif.; Morton Buildings, Inc. Wooster.

We thank our committee volunteers for organizing this huge event and our awesome bakers for supplying the desserts. Our guest speaker, We also thank our Carroll County Sheriff Deputy Shane Beohm and his K-9 dogs - “Oz” and “Otis” for giving a great presentation! Thanks one and all!

To keep abreast of our progress for the no-kill animal shelter for Carroll County, visit our website at: www.ccapl.webs.com or our Facebook page.

Eileen Rohrer

Eileen Rohrer

Carroll County Animal Protection League

P.O. Box 353

Carrollton, Ohio 44615-0353

Letter to Editor - April 2015

Letter to the Editor:

On behalf of the Carroll County Animal Protection League's Board of Directors and members we want to say "thank you" to all who attended our 2nd. Annual Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, April 11th. at the Minerva Senior Center. We thank Kishman's IGA for their donations of salad and dressing, and butter and Wood's Grocery-Malvern, for their donation of the hamburger, and to all the members of the CCAPL for their monetary donations for expenses, and to all members who donated spaghetti, sauce, pop, bread and numerous desserts.

The event was very successful, and all proceeds will go into our no-kill animal shelter construction. We are getting close to starting construction and are currently waiting for the mechanical plans to be approved by the State of Ohio.

Shelley Albaugh- Spaghetti Dinner Chairperson

Letter to Editor -October 2014

Letter to the editor:

On behalf of the Carroll County Animal Protection League's members and volunteers, we want to thank the following business and individuals for their generosity by sponsoring monetarily and contributing silent auction items for our 6th. annual Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction held October 4th, 2014 at the Minerva Community Center. The presentation by the OSDA (Ohio Search Dog Association) of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, John Swaney, Rob and Beth Davis, and their search dogs, Shadow, Probie, Ginger & Arie, gave an excellent presentation. They are to be commended for their dedication and outstanding work.

We also want to thank everyone who purchased tickets and attended this event. Our bakers did a fantastic job supplying the incredible desserts. Our event was a huge success and all proceeds went into our no-kill animal shelter construction building fund, which will be located on our property at 4901 Canton Rd. NW, (State Rt. 43), Carrollton, Ohio. (A final tally will be given by our Treasurer, Patti Willoughby, at the November 6th. meeting at the Carrollton Friendship Center, 6:30 p.m.)

Contributing Sponsors and Silent Auction items sponsors were: Minerva-Carrie Hays, Cathy Hart, Natural Approach Farm Store, Doggie Styles, Holland’s Restaurant, Jane Miller, Great Clips, Nevaeh Salon & Spa, McDonald’s, Grinder’s Restaurant, Rae's Jewelry, Pizza Hut (& Carrollton), Minerva (Malvern) Veterinarian Clinic, NAPA, "Happy Paws"; Waynesburg- Ron Ruegg & Almasy Body Shop, Michele Baum, Cibo’s Restaurant; Malvern-Kim Franz, Darla & Joe Murray, Ornamental Concrete, Crossroads Pizza, The News Leader, Serenity Salon, Dorsey's Country Pride Foods, Bob & Barbara Manning, Sheckler Excavating, Furey Motor Co., Grand Rental Station, Peggy Jocek, Trudy Gaines, Karen, "Apache" & Bambi" Polony, Colfor Manufacturing, Inc, Mark & Cathy Cawthorne, The Firehouse Grill, Dona Young, Bob & Sheila Sheppler, Lake Mohawk Property Owners Association, Richard & Regina Smith, Woods Grocery, Sonny & Lorna Whaley, Georgie's Hair Salon; Louisville-Carol Wood; Indianapolis, IN.-Greg & Valorie Herman; Sherrodsville-Mandi McCort, Phil & Rose Eberhart; Parma-Steven J. Smith; North Canton-Patricia Jacoby; Knoxville, Tenn.-Anonymous donor; Carrollton-Donna’s Deli, Betty Kaye Bakery, Heartland Hill Restaurant, Archer’s Restaurant, Smoke the Burger Joint, McDonald’s, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Gionino’s Pizza, Carrollton Farmer’s Exchange, Ashton 5¢ & 10¢ Store, Mark & Karla Wells, M & M Tobacco Store, Davies Hair Design, Timeless Cuts-N-Style, Roberta Rothert, Consumer’s National Bank, Murphy’s Russell Terriers, Dolly Kertes, Walters Barber Shop, Huebner’s Chevrolet-Subaru, Advanced Auto, H&M Tire Co., ELEM Electronics (Radio Shack), The Carpet Shop, Carrollton Family Video, Auto Zone, Deluxe Body, Bill & Cyndy Wells, Wayne Chunat formerly of Carrollton), The Lighthouse, Paperworks & More, Carrollton Touch Free Car Wash, Carrollton Chiropractic Center, Fair Vision, Denny & Pat Roudebush, McCort's Footwear & Sportswear, Thorne's Market, John Walters, DVM, Tractor Supply Center, Lynn Fairclough, Staci Brady, Dollar General Market, Bud's Farm Toys, Fusion Ceramics, Inc., Family Dental-Dr. & Mrs. Jim Birong, Rex Energy Operating Corporation, Stoneman Law Office & Stoneman Title Agency, Sunset Beach Tanning, LLC, William Rohrer, Fred & Eileen Rohrer, Donald "Pete" Slates, Tom & Wendy Wiley, Carrollton Ace Hardware, Atty. Thomas Cranston Law Office, Richard & Nancy DiRienzo, Pat & Dot Horrigan, McBane Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., Bill & Barb Martin, Judge John & Mrs. Melanie Campbell, Curt Adams, CPA, Ann Mauch, Walter Feist, Ed & JoAnn Hilliard, Richard & Jerrilynn Evanson, Ron, Darla, Justin & Kayla Lucas, Attorney Steve Barnett & Jennifer & family, Matthew & Erica Zeedyk family, Sid Freedman, Tammy Sanderson, Denny & Pat Roudebush, Newell Realty & Auctions, LLC, Patricia Oyer, Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.-Gary Nist II, Tom Turnipseed-Allstate Agency, Inc., Laurie Stewart, Dana Serban, Byron Fairclough, Dale Smead, Marlene Wilson; Bergholz- DeNoon Lumber; Mineral City- Billie Huth; Melbourne, Florida-Wynn & Su Arnold.

Our sincere appreciation to all, and for your continued support, we just humbly say, “Thank you!”

Eileen Rohrer, President, Carroll County Animal Protection League -P.O. Box 353, Carrollton, Ohio 44615

Letter to Editor - June 2014

Letter to the Editor,

On behalf of our members and Board of Directors, we want to thank the general public and Larry and Kay Garner for everyone's support of our 3-day rummage sale held at Garner's Auction Barn, Carrollton, Ohio over the Memorial Day weekend! We had a very successful 3-day rummage sale thanks to all of you who supported us, our many volunteer members who worked so hard to put it all together and for our awesome members who paid for all the expenses of this event!

We are currently awaiting the architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC designs to be done by Morton Buildings, Inc. and submitted to the state of Ohio for approval which will take approximately 4-6 months. Once the designs are all approved, we will start construction of our no-kill animal shelter on our property, located at 4901 Canton Rd. NW, (St. Rt. 43) between Carrollton and Malvern, Ohio.

By the CCAPL's Board of Directors unanimous vote, we are going to start with the "shell" of the animal shelter building which consists of the outer walls, roof, exterior doors and windows, plus the insulation throughout. This will cost us $129,500.00 to put up the shell by Morton Buildings, Inc. of Wooster, Ohio.

We have saved enough of the money generated over the last seven years and four months since we started to do the start-up construction, and with the continued support of our members, the general public, grants, and other funding resources, we will continue in our efforts to finish the interior as the money is raised to provide a no-kill animal shelter for Carroll County, Carrollton, Ohio.

We thank you for your belief in us and for your continued support one and all!

Eileen Rohrer, CCAPL President

Eileen Rohrer

Carroll County Animal Protection League

P.O. Box 353

Carrollton, Ohio 44615

website: www.ccapl.webs.com

email: carrollcountyapl@yahoo.com

Letter to Editor 2014 -Dec. 2013

On behalf of the Carroll County Animal Protection League's members, Officers and Board of Directors, we wish to thank everyone who has donated monetarily to our growing organization this past year and for your support of our many fundraising events! We also want to thank the numerous volunteers of the CCAPL for their volunteerism with all our fund-raising events this past year.

On January 17, 2014, we will start our eighth year of existence. We have accomplished so much in seven years and without your generosity and support, we could not have made so much progress in raising more funding for the no-kill animal shelter we are determined to build on our property located on Canton Rd. NW between Carrollton and Malvern, Ohio (Carroll County).

Many times we are asked, "When are you going to build that shelter?"

Well, folks, it takes time, money, planning and also having enough money not only to build the shelter, but to run it as well once it is built. Therefore, we are currently putting together our financial business plan to possibly present to a bank for a construction loan. This business plan is totally necessary to procure funding for the construction, well drilling, electric, fencing, sewer system plant, and many needs for the inside. This financial business plan is crucial to finish. The financial business plan is also necessary for procuring funding for grants and other monetary resources for the various needs the shelter will require to operate efficiently.

Again, we thank you for your generosity and continued support. We will get it done as soon as feasibly possible!

Note: If you would like to donate to the construction of our no-kill animal shelter, any donation in any amount would be greatly appreciated!


Eileen Rohrer, President

Help us Build it!"

Letters to Editor 2013

Letter to the Editor - published in the Carrollton (Ohio), Free Press Standard:


Letter to the Editor - published in the Carrollton (Ohio), Free Press Standard:


Letter to the Editor - published in the Minerva Leader (Ohio):


Written by CCAPL President, Eileen Rohrer

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