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Fire Emergency Pet Signs


The CCAPL has available upon request, Fire emergency Pet sign adhesive stickers for your doors and windows to alert Firefighters of your beloved pets inside. The signs are $2.00 each. If you order 8 pet signs or less, shipping and handling is an additional $1.50. If you order 9 or more, the shipping and handling is $2.00. Example: 8 signs @ $2.00 each = $16.00, plus $1.50 S/H = $17.50. Send a check or money order to the CCAPL - P.O. Box 353 - Carrollton, Ohio 44615-0353 and the signs will be sent to you upon receipt of your check or money order. Note: We ask that you do not use PayPal to pay for these signs because when you do, we do not receive the full amount as PayPal takes a small percentage for transaction purposes. (By sending a check or money order, we make the $.83 profit on each pet sign. Thank you!) NOTE:  If a pet is no longer residing in your home, be sure and change the emergency pet sign figure so firefighters are not looking for a pet that is no longer in the home.) 

The size of the signs are 4" x 5". The are white with red and black lettering.

Thank you for you order.




Other T-shirts available to purchase

New CCAPL T-shirts.

This is the front and back of the T-shirts.

The dog and cat design was done by Marilyn Dittoe a CCAPL member.

Cost is: $18.00 for medium, large or x-large

$20.00 for xx-large size.

These T-shirts are at various fundraisers and events of the CCAPL.


T-Shirts are $18.00 each. Light blue or white. Medium, Large, or X-Large. We have our T-shirts for sale at various fundraisers.  


CCAPL great cookbooks!

Our cookbooks are really full of delicious receipes and also a variety of home-made dog biscuits!

Each cookbook cost $12.00 and these are sold at all our fund-raising events.

They can also be ordered by sending a check for $12.00 plus $2.50 s/h. If more than one cookbook is ordered, please increase the amount of the check for each cookbook and shipping and handling.

Our cookbooks are also available at the following location:

Tropical Paradise Pet Store - Minerva, Ohio