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              Carroll County Animal Protection League

               CCAPL - P.O.Box 353-Carrollton, Ohio 44615

 "Help us Build it!"                                                  

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Update on CCAPL monthly meetings and future fundraisers

Update:As of January, 2021, we will wait on seeing how the Pandemic plays out to continue any fundraiser evens for now until possibly spring. Thank you for your support! 

November update: Due to the increase of Covid-19 Pandemic, our meetings for November and December have been cancelled. We hope to have a meeting in January 2021, if it is possible. We will update you when we get closer to the January 10th, meeting date at the Friendship Center. It depends on what is going on with the Pandemic for this decision to be made. 

August update: Because Gov. DeWine lifted the closure of Senior Centers, it is possible we may be able to hold a meeting at the Friendship Center in Carrollton, in October. We will know for sure about the middle of September when we confirm this. We will update you ASAP! 

July 2020. 

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our future public fundraisers and events are on hold for now as are our future meetings until further notice. We will update this as soon as we are able to schedule any meetings or fundraisers. We appreciated your patience and any donations given will be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Be safe and stay healthy! 

Letter to Editor:

October 1st. 2020:

On behalf of the CCAPL Officers, Directors and members, we want to thank Sanders Market of Carrollton, Ohio, Manager Tom Hudy, Office Manager, Diana Gotchall, staff, employees and cashiers for doing the September month long fundraisers for us at their fine store by asking customers to donate to us! We really appreciated Sanders Market for doing this for us! 

Because of the Pandemic, all our year long public fundraisers has ceased to keep our volunteers and members safe and this was a way to bring in much needed funding for our no-kill animal shelter construction. The total raised was $702.19 and this will go into our ongoing no-kill animal shelter construction! 

Again we thank all of Sanders Market of Carrollton for doing tis month long September fundraiser for us!