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Welcome members, visitors, supporters and friends to our website! 

Our Logo was designed by: Ashley Libertor (Carrollton High School Student-2007)

We try to update our website on a weekly basis to inform our members, visitors and friends.

Public Relations Person - Lorna Lowell-Whaley - 330-495-5160. 9 am. to 5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. or leave a message.

***We are a Gold Star non-profit organization with GuideStar.

We cannot take animals at this time as our shelter is not finished. Please refer to the Useful Pet Links.

We cannot rescue or harbor animals until our shelter is open. Our insurance will not allow it. We refer many people to rescue groups

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To provide through an animal shelter, love and care to domestic animals until they find their forever homes.

OUR GOAL: To complete and maintain a no-kill animal shelter by 2025 unless funding is received to finish it, open and run it before then.

All donations and money received is recorded and deposited into our proper checking accounts. If anyone wants a financial statement, please contact us. If anyone wants a copy of a two-year audit that has been done since we started in 2007, please contact us through our email: carrollcountyapl@yahoo.com . 

  Use this convenient PayPal donation tab for any monetary donations you can send to us or for a CCAPL membership! Thank you for your support! (Some fees do apply to the CCAPL for using PayPal)

Please consider the Carroll County Animal Protection League if you are with Thrivent for any donations using your "Thrivent Choice Dollars" to us. Thank you. 

UPDATE: MARCH 9TH. 2023: The cupboards are in place, but two of them were damaged and have to be replaced. As soon as they are in the shelter, Dave Flanary can commence with putting them together. Then he will put on the counter tops, install the sinks, faucets and hardware. As soon as they are done, there will be pictures on our website. Thank you for your patience. Sheckler Excavating is still waiting on the control panel for the sewer plant project. Hopefully it will arrive soon so they can get started on the sewer project. Glitches do occur!

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 15TH, 2023:   The 4 cupboards, counters, sinks, faucets, etc. have been done by Lumber Service in Carrollton. We will be installing them in the shelter next week. Pictures to be posted when completed. The sewer plant is on hold until the control panel comes in sometime in February or the 1st. of March. Weather permitting, the sewer plant will be started. 

UPDATE: JANUARY 21ST. 2023:  Forte Advantage has all the main rooms, the kennel floor and the kennel walls completed as of Monday January 16th, 2023. Our next project is getting cabinets, sinks, faucets, and fixtures for various rooms in the main rooms. And possibly the sewer plant project later this spring. 

UPDATE: JANUARY 1ST, 2023: Forte Advantage is in the process of Epoxying all the kennel walls with multiple layers. Once they are done with the walls, they will proceed to Epoxy the kennel floors. 

The Sewer Plant cannot be put in until possibly after January. There is a Control Panel needed and it will not be available until mid-January.2023. So, we wait on the weather to cooperate to see how soon the sewer plant can be done. We are researching various businesses for cabinets, sinks, faucets, and other hardware needed for 4 of the cabinets that will go in first in 4 different rooms. We will keep you posted. 

UPDATE: DECEMBER 21st. 2022: The Entire kennel walls are done. Next will be Forte Advantage to Epoxy the kennel walls, then the floors starting next week. Pictures will be coming soon in the Photo Gallery! 

UPDATE: DECEMBER 5H, 2022: The Forte Advantage Company started the Epoxy coating of the main rooms yesterday. Jesse Overholt and his helper, Josh, started the kennel walls, and the 4 ft wall also. Mike Roberts added the venting pipes and ran pipes across the ceiling to connect things at a later date. Moving along! 

UPDATE: NOVEMBER 21st, 2022: Today starts the process of putting down the epoxy coating of the entire shelter floors. The 1st. stage is to grind the kennel floor, then grind the main room floors. Then the Epoxy will be applied in various stages also. Jesse Overholt cannot do the kennel walls until he returns from vacation after December 1st. Once he puts up all the kennel walls, and the 4 ft. wall, the Epoxy Co. will apply the Epoxy to all the walls. Then they will continue to the main rooms. The sewer plant is going to be delayed for installation due to the fact that some of the equipment needed is delayed in getting these equipment items. We will update you as we progress. Total cost of the Epoxy project by Forte Advantage of Hartville is: $51,671.55 to be paid in installments as the work is done. 

UPDATE: NOVEMBER 7th, 2022: The sewer plant will be going in this November! Plus, the kennel walls and the 4 ft. wall also. Mike Roberts will be finishing up the plumbing pipes in the kennel for the hose reels, and the mop sink, plus once the Epoxy is down in the main rooms, which has to be done first, we will be installing the cabinets with sinks for the conference room, the food prep room and the clinic room. Plus, we will be installing the dog/cat tub in the grooming room, a cabinet with a sink, the dishwasher in the food prep room, the 2 mop sinks in the mechanical room and the kennel area. Plus, we will be getting the washer & dryer to be installed then too. Once the Epoxy is done in the main rooms, and after the kennel walls and the 4ft wall are up, we will have the entire kennel area epoxed too! Making progress! 

UPDATE: OCTOBER 18th, 2022: We have the sewer permit! Now we have to wait and see if the sewer plant can be done this fall! The EPA has rules and regulations regarding the soil temperature and the water moisture content for where the plant will go. It is up to Mike Hettler, our Engineer, and Sheckler Excavating, Inc. to decide. We will let you know as soon as we know! 

UPDATE: OCTOBER 13, 2022: Finally, the EPA is going to approve the newly submitted sewer plans! The new permit should be issued by Friday, October 14th, 2022. Now we have to check with Sheckler Excavating to see if the sewer plant can be put in soon or if it is too late in the season. More updates ASAP! 

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2022:  We are still waiting on the EPA to approve the sewer permit. As soon as it is approved and received, we will update you. This is very frustrating to say the least.  

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 22nd. 2022: We are still waiting for the EPA to approve the sewer plant permit. We don't have any idea what the holdup is, but hopefully it will be approved soon so we can get the sewer plant in! 

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 7TH. 2022: Shecklers Excavating has completed the grading of the well bank and ditch. They put down straw, and grass seeded both. Thanks, Shecklers! 

Also, Ken Sabol of Morton Buildings, Inc. has put up the 3 handicapped signs on the shelter in front of the handicapped parking spaces. Thanks, Ken Sabol! (He did this at no charge to us!) 

UPDATE: AUGUST 12TH, 2022: The handicapped painting was done by Ken Kennedy of Cannonball Paving. Ken also installed the three handicapped painted rubber bumpers. Cost: $1,190.00. The Handicapped signs will be mounted on the shelter by Morton Buildings very soon. 

UPDATE: AUGUST 5TH. 2022: Mike Hettler, our Engineer, is submitting the revised sewer plans to the EPA on Monday, August 8th, 2022. Now we wait for them to be approved before we can move forward with installation of the sewer plant. 

UPDATE: JULY 19TH, 2022: Mike Hettler our Engineer, is finally able to submit the sewer plant plans to the EPA by Wednesday, July 20th. to the EPA. Now we wait for them to be approved! 

UPDATE: JUNE 26TH, 2022 Mike Roberts will be at the shelter on Tuesday, June 28th, to access what all needs done for the plumbing needs of the hot water tank, the pressure tank, and the restrooms. He will schedule what needs to be done starting the first of August. 

Mike Hettler, our Engineer, is working on a new revision with another Department of the EPA regarding our sewer permit as the area of the sewer plant is less than 2 acres and this could speed things along with getting the new sewer permit.

UPDATE: JUNE 14TH, 2022: Speedy Drilling was able to dig the trench. Now he has to put in the pipeline and run the electrical lines to the water pipe and connect to the shelter. 

UPDATE: JUNE 12TH, 2022: The weather, rain, is becoming a major factor for Speedy Drilling to get the trench dug to hook up the water well to the pipe that goes into the shelter and to hook up the well pump. With being so wet, Speedy Drilling cannot dig the trench due to the mud factor. We have to wait on this to move farther along. 

UPDATE: MAY 21ST. 2022: The cement project has been completed as of May 18th. Now we wait for the cement to cure. Cost: $19,604.25. Next, we have the parking spaces and the handicapped painting done, install the bumpers and the handicapped sign by Carroll Asphalt after the cement has cured.  

UPDATE: MAY 14th. 2022: The rest of the cement project out in front of the shelter is on hold until Wednesday, May 18th. due to the cement plant breaking down and cannot deliver the rest of the cement needed until then. 

UPDATE: May 0th. 2022: On May 5th. 2022, Richmond Concrete started working on the Cement Project in front of the shelter for the handicapped area and also the pads for the man-doors on the left and also the rest of sidewalks. Project cost: $17,000.00. 

UPDATE: April 25th, 2022: We had the short road done for the drilling the water well and the water well pad by Sheckler Excavating, Inc. on 4-14-2022. Cost: $4,873.21.

Then on Saturday, April 23, 2022, Craig Speedy of Speedy Drilling put the drilling rig up to start drilling for water! Once this is done, Speedy will dig a trench to the well pipe that enters the shelter. Well drilling cost: $22,206.00. More progress being made one step at a time! Donate today! CCAPL - P.O. Box 353 - Carrollton, Ohio 44615 -Thank you! We need your support!

UPDATE: April 21st, 2022: Speedy Drilling will commence the well drilling possibly Friday, April 22nd, or the week of April 25th. Due to inclement weather and emergency calls, there has been a delay.  

UPDATE: April 13h, 2022: Sheckler Excavating will be putting in the small road to the well pad and the well pad the week of April 13th - 15th. Thursday, April 14th. The road and well pad is done. Sheckler will finish their project when Speedy Drilling is done. 

UPDATE: March 30th, 2022: Sheckler Excavating of Malvern will be putting in the short road to the well pad site and also putting in the well pad. Once this is done, Speedy (Craig) Drilling well be doing the well drilling an also digging the trench from the well site to the pipe that connects the water to the shelter. Cost is $22,206.00 more or less depending on the drilling that needs done. 

UPDATE: March 21st, 2022: We have received the estimate from Sheckler Excavating Inc. to put in the short road to where the water well will be drilled and also the well pad. Cost: $4,873.21. This will be done as soon as they can schedule it. Plus, we are waiting for Speedy Drilling to give us the cost of drilling the water well and also digging the trench from the well site to the pipe connecting it into the shelter. 

We are still waiting for the EPA to approve the Sewer Plant application to move forward with the installation the Sewer Plant project.

Also, we have received the estimate from Richmond Concrete to install the cement for the handicapped areas in front and also the sidewalks around the shelter. Cost: $17,573.00. As soon as the ground dries out, this project will be done. 

UPDATE: March 10th, 2022:  On Wednesday, March 2nd, we met with the water well driller, Craig Speedy of Speedy Drilling and it has been determined we need a road put in from down below at our entrance to the top of the hill through the wooded area where the water well will be put in. We have contacted Sheckler Excavating to do this road that is needed, plus the well pad too. The cost of doing the road is not known at this time. We will update you as to this cost ASAP. Any donations towards this expense would be greatly appreciated! 

UPDATE: February 12, 2022: Waiting for spring and the weather to cooperate to get more things done! Please be patient with us. 

February 1st. 2022: The ADT Security System was installed at or no-kill animal shelter. 

February 19th, 2022: All the Geothermal & HV/AC has been installed and paid for at a cost of $149,800.00. 

January 2022: All three Phases of the Electrical work has been completed and paid for at a cost of $89,400.00. 

UPDATE: January 10th, 2022: We are looking forward to spring to install our sewer plant project, the Water Well drilling, and the cement project for the handicapped ramp, and the handicapped parking areas and the additional sidewalks around the shelter. This will be at a cost of approximately $140,000.00. Plus, once the well is drilled, we have to make sure all the pipes are capped which will supply water to various fixtures throughout the shelter. Plus, hooking up the restrooms water supply. Once this is accomplished, we want to apply to the State of Ohio for a partial-occupancy permit so we can allow the public and members in to view what all we have done at our no-kill animal shelter! Stay with us for more details and pictures of more accomplishments! Thank you for your support!

UPDATE: December 11th, 2021. The four Geothermal units have all been finished and are running smoothly. The electrical work by Richardson Electric has been completed also. We have to wait until spring of 2022 to have the sewer plant done, the water well done, and the cement in front of the building for handicapped parking and accessibility into the building and around the building. We will do more projects as funding is raised.  Please be patient with us. We are working as best we can to get more projects done. Factors beyond our control, State, EPA, regulations and permits, and weather has been a setback, but we will move forward when the time allows us to do so.

UPDATE: November 10, 2021:  We received letter of notice from the EPA water well division that we do not have to have an EPA well but can go through the Carroll County Health Department for our water well. This will now be scheduled in the spring of 2022. 

UPDATE: October 30, 2021: Mike Roberts will be finishing up all the Geothermal units, checking to make sure they are all functioning properly. beginning November 1st. 2021. Once everything is checked, the CCAPL Directors will meet with him and go over the details of operating all units and marking the breakers for us.  

UPDATE: October 18, 2021: Richardson Electric has finished with their work at the shelter. We are now waiting for Roberts Heating and Cooling to finish his work of the Geothermal. 

UPDATE: October 3rd, 2021: Due to Covid, Richardson Electric was not able to do more wiring in the laundry room for the kennel area heat and air conditioning. So, they are back now catching up with other jobs, and will get to us ASAP so Mike Roberts can get his work finished. Things happen, especially with the Covid outbreak again, and this is out of our control We will update you as soon as we know more. 

UPDATE: September 27, 2021: We are still waiting on the EPA Sewer Permit. We are now waiting on the EPA to determine if we have to put in an EPA water well or a water well through the Carroll County Health Department.

UPDATE: September 2nd, 2021. The sewer permit has been paid for to the EPA. We will wait for its approval from the EPA so Sheckler Excavating can get started with the sewer plant.

UPDATE: August 28th, 2021: We have received the EPA Water well application from the EPA. This will take a good while to complete. Very specific and very detailed. Elizabeth with the EPA helped us with this to complete it.  

UPDATE: August 22nd, 2021: Mike Hettler, Engineer for the CCAPL has re-submitted the EPA sewer plans to the EPA. Waiting now for the EPA to issue a new permit so we can get started with the sewer plant. 

UPDATE JULY 8, 2021: The CCAPL Directors have voted unanimously to have the EPA Sewer system plant, and the EPA water well drilled as soon as the permits can be obtained from the EPA Surface Water Dept. in Twinsburg, Ohio. We want to apply for a "Partial Occupancy Permit" to allow the public and members to be allowed in the shelter and to hold meetings and some fundraising events! We also have to have the cement poured out front for the handicapped ramp and the handicapped parking area and the cement sidewalks around the building. Plus, other things that have to be done to comply to the "Partial Occupancy Permit" guidelines. This is exciting news and yet, this will take some time to have this done. So, be patient with us. We are working for the greater good to keep construction going for our no-kill animal shelter and to get closer to our goal of opening. This will be a very costly part of our project and could be as much as $140,000.00 to cover all the costs. If you would consider a donation in any amount towards this phase of construction, please help us by sending a donation to: CCAPL - P.O. Box 353, Carrollton, Ohio 44615. Thank you! 

UPDATE, JUNE 29TH, 2021 After the CCAPL Directors meeting, July 1st. 2021, a decision will be made as to what construction will happen next for our no-kill animal shelter. Please be patient with us. We will post the results after July 1st. 2021. Thank you. 

UPDATE: MAY 19TH, 2021: The FRP project has been completed by Contractor Mike Clark in the main rooms of the shelter. The cost of $11,200.00 has been paid for by the F.O. of Eagles #2185 of Carrollton, Oh. grant and the Douglas L. Houck Charitable Trust Grant.

UPDATE: MAY 14TH. 2021: The FRP has been started on the walls in the main rooms of the shelter. We are still waiting for Mike Roberts to bring the outside Geothermal unit, which has arrived at his place of business. The sensor part ordered has still not come in. 

UPDATE: April 9, 2021:  The CCAPL Board of Directors have voted unanimously on the bid from Mike Clark, Contractor to install the FRP on the main rooms designated for this. Cost is: $11,200.00. As soon as this scope of work is complete, there will be pictures posted.  

UPDATE: April 1st, 3021: We are waiting on the bids from the contractors for the scope of work for the FRP installation in various rooms.

UPDATE: March 13, 2021: We are waiting on bids from the contractors for the scope of work for the FRP installation in various rooms. 

UPDATE: March 1st, 2021: The CCAPL Construction committee will be meeting at the shelter to go over each room in the main areas and deciding what rooms get the FRP (white or gray), and what rooms do not. This information will be given to 3 general contractors for them to submit their bids for the scope of work to install the FRP on the walls. We will give an update, ASAP on the cost of this project.

UPDATE: February 11, 2021: The two restrooms work has been completed by Mark Clark, Contractor. There is still the floors to cover and the exhaust fans to be installed in each restroom, but this will be done at a later time. 

UPDATE: February 4th, 2021: Due to circumstance beyond our control, Mike Clark has had some trouble getting some of the equipment to install in the restrooms. Some things are at the shelter, and he will commence with the scope of work ASAP. 

UPDATE: January 19th, 2021: Mike Clark will be starting on the two restrooms scope of work the week of Jan. 25th, or sooner. Cost of this project is: $5,700.00. 

UPDATE: January 5th, 2021: Mike Roberts will resume the Geothermal work needing done starting on Wednesday, January 6th. 2021.

UPDATE: January 1st, 2021: Due to the Geothermal contractor being exposed to Covid-19, his work has been delayed to complete the Geothermal installation due to his being in quarantine for a good while. He should be able to finish up, January 2021. 

Also, due to Mike Clark, Contractor to start work in the two restrooms, his work has been delayed also until the Month of January 2021. 

UPDATE: December 16th, 2020: Our Geothermal contractor has been exposed to Covid-19 and may have to be quarantined for 14 days. We are not sure when he will be back to continue working on the Geothermal installation. Mike Clark is finishing a project in another area and will be at the shelter as soon as he can to start on the restrooms. Will update you when we know more.

UPDATE: November 10th, 2020:  The Geothermal installation is moving along. The restrooms installations will be started in December. Thanks for checking on us and for your continued support! 

UPDATE ON CCAPL MEETINGS: Our regular meetings and the December Annual meeting has been cancelled to possibly resume in January, depending on the Pandemic situation and also the Friendship Center rules to hold a meeting. We will let you know as soon as we know. Please keep supporting us so we can get more construction done at our no-kill shelter! Become a member too-it all helps! Thank you!

UPDATE: OCTOBER 15TH, 2020: Mike Roberts has resumed Geothermal work at the shelter. He will be working on finishing the Geothermal project in the weeks to come. We will update you as work progresses! Thank you for your patience! 

UPDATE: OCTOBER 6TH, 2020: We are still waiting to continue more construction with the restrooms. This should be started in November by the Contractor. We have voted to cancel all meetings the rest of the year, along with the Annual Meeting in December. We want to keep our volunteers, members, and our shelter safe. We are striving for a January 2021 meeting, if the Covid-19 Pandemic has subsided by then and restrictions are lifted to hold gatherings and meetings at the Friendship Center in Carrollton. We have to wait and see and are just on hold as are many other entities at this time. The 2020 Officers & Directors have agreed to take their respective positions for 2021. A motion was made by our Treasurer, Korena Ferguson, and seconded by Director John Angerer, and all voted yes. M/C. 

We will give you updates as they happen. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2020: We are waiting for some more construction to continue. We want to install the doors to the main rooms, and also try and get the bathrooms done as soon as the contractor has some time to come down and do the work! We will keep you posted on our progress.  Don't forget to check out the "Sanders Market" - Carrollton, Ohio the whole month of September fundraiser for us! 

UPDATE: AUGUST 3rd, 2020: Construction is continuing at the shelter to get the Geothermal finished and completed and for Richardson Electric to finish their work as well. Thank you for your support!  

UPDATE: JULY 2, 2020: The three cement pads in place and was done by Richmond Concrete Construction, Inc. Scott Richmond at a cost of $2,800.00 Any donations for this part of work that needed done, would be greatly appreciated. 

UPDATE: JUNE 30, 2020:

We have received a grant from the Giving Well Family Foundation to cover the cost of Sheckler Excavating, Inc to bury 6 downspouts on the building so drainage is better away from the building. They also moved the water well pipe and graded the right side of the area for better drainage away from the building, put down grass seed, and straw.  The grant was for $4,113.75. We thank the GWFF for this grant to help us with this cost of necessary work to be done. 

This project is preparing the cement pads that must be installed soon for the Geothermal unit that will sit outside, and also for two cement pads outside the two kennel man-doors on the right side. The cost of the cement work is $2,800.00 but is not included in the grant. Any donations towards the cement work would be greatly appreciated! 

UPDATE: June 5,2020. 

Just wanted to give you an update on the CCAPL annual Spaghetti Dinner as of today, June 5th, 2020.
We are still on hold to reschedule the Spaghetti Dinner. 
According to the Carroll County Health Department, the Minerva Senior Center is still closed and will be as of July 1st. 2020 unless another change is made then. 
So, for those who purchased tickets for the dinner, please hang on to them! If you threw your tickets away, that is okay, we can get you replacements, no problem when we get it scheduled.
We will hopefully get the Spaghetti Dinner scheduled possibly in July or August and will let you know ASAP!
And, when we have the event, it will be according to the C.C. Health Department Guidelines also.
Eileen Rohrer, President

UPDATE: March, April, May 2020.   Due to the PANDEMIC, our fundraisers have been cancelled and no more are scheduled at this time. We have to wait and see what happens as to when we can reschedule the Spaghetti Dinner, or have any Hot Dogs Stands at Dollar General Market- Carrollton. We will inform you as soon as we know anything. Thank you for your patience and continued support. Any amount donated will help us keep going! Some construction is still being done as the workers are able to get out to the shelter and do more work. THANK YOU!

UPDATE: As of February 2020, we have invested $676.227.37 in our no-kill animal shelter with exterior and interior construction. We need at least $600,000.00 more to finish and open.

We have more done as we raise the money to do so. Our goal to finish our shelter is 2025! Please help us reach this goal!

If you want to see our no-kill animal shelter finished and open to operate, we need help monetarily. Any donations in any amount will help us get more construction done. 

 As we get bids for various stages of interior construction, we will update you in the progress page. Our no-kill shelter is in need of donations at the present time which will take many dollars to complete. It takes a lot of money to keep going and to finish our shelter and then run it. So, therefore, send in your donations in any amount, and it will go towards our shelter construction needs!

We cannot do this overnight, and it could be as long as 3 -5 more years before completion, depending on funding as it comes in

We must have the geothermal heating and cooling finished, the ceiling grid and the tiles, the doors to each room with glass windows inside to observe animals, cement outside the shelter all the way around, cement for the walkway out front and the handicapped area and a ramp to enter the building, plumbing, toilets, sinks, EPA water well drilled, EPA sewer plant, lights, floor covering, Kennel walls, doors & windows finished, cement block kennels finished with chain link fencing over them, and doors to each kennel run, drop-down doors between kennels, chain link fencing around entire shelter, security videos, phones, intercom, and so much more! Tell others about us and tell them we will keep their donations local as best we can.  

Yes, we are applying for grants to help with expenses as we do construction, but your donations would help us even more to get closer to our goal of finishing our no-kill animal shelter and then operate it to save lives!

Thank you!

2020 Grants Received for Restrooms costs.

12-2020: Received a $1,000.00 grant from the Stark Community Foundation from an Anonymous donor.

12-2020: Received a $2,000.00 grant from the John H. & Evelyn L. Ashton Preservation Association, Inc. 

12-2020: Received a $197.60 grant from The Blackbaud Giving Fund (Sherwin-Williams Co.) 

These  grants have been applied to the two restroom projects stating in January 2021 and was finished February 9th, 2021. 

Plus, due to the generosity of our CCAPL members, and some donations from the public, the cost of the two restrooms was covered completely! 

Our construction progress for 2017- 2020 and more to do! Check progress page above! 

March 9th, 2020:  More venting and return air venting is being done in the kennel area. 

February 2020: The ceiling tile has been installed throughout the main rooms and hallways. 

February 2020:  The Trusscore wall coverings in the kennel area have been installed, as has the AZEK around the windows and doors. Plus the kennel fan has been installed in the east wall. Richardson Electric has also installed the Emergency lights and the EXIT signs in the kennel area as well. 

January 2020: The HV/AC, Geothermal work will commence forward on Thursday, January 2nd. 2020. There will be installation of venting and return air duct work to be done in the main rooms, and then more of the same in the kennel area to hook up the other geothermal units. for both areas. As of January 2nd, 2020, the second Geo. unit is now up and running. More updates as they happen. 

January 2019:  On January 7th, the ceiling grid installation will be started throughout the main rooms, except the laundry and mechanical rooms where it is not needed.

January 18th, 2019: The ceiling grid was completed at a cost of $6,860.00.

February 4th. 2019- Richardson Electric started installing the LED ceiling lights, EXIT signs above doors, and the sensors throughout the main rooms.. Then on February 9th, 2019, Richardson Electric started in installing the conduit to hold the electric lines to the LED ceiling lights in the kennel area.

February 21st, - February March 1st, 2019- Richardson Electric continued installing the LED light in the kennel and are presently hooking up all the LED lights throughout the shelter.

April 2019:  All LED lights have been installed in main rooms & kennel area. Also installed are the sensor switches and emergency lights.

May 2019: There has been a delay in more interior construction of the Geothermal contractor. More will be done ASAP.

June 6th, 2019 - UPDATE: The CCAPL's Board of Directors have reversed their decision on installing the EPA Sewer Plant & EPA well. This decision was voted on unanimously by all Directors due to learning of many factors involved with the installation of the sewer plant and well and would not be feasible at this time . The Board of Directors have voted instead to continue with more interior work inside the shelter such as finishing the kennel walls with Trusccore, installing FRP on the interior walls where designated, and more that can be done. We are waiting on bids for more of the interior work to be done. Will update you ASAP on what is next.

June 24th, 2019 - Richardson Electric is almost done with Phase III. We gave them a check for $13,770.00 towards Phase III, with just a few things left to do. 

July-September 2019- Roberts Geothermal is still installing return air vents and more in the kennel area and also the main area and the attic areas, but due to the extreme heat in the attic areas, the venting and return air venting to be installed will be done as soon as the weather cools down. Will give an update as construction progresses. We are also experiencing difficulty in getting bids from contractors as the torrential rain and bad weather in the spring and early summer, has put many contractors behind. As soon as we get some bids for the FRP in the main rooms, and the Trusscore on the kennel walls, we will proceed ASAP!

December 2019 Update: We are waiting on a renewal of our building permit from the State of Compliance. As soon as the new Building permit is issued, we will resume with more interior construction at our no-kill animal shelter.  

December 17th, 2019. We have had our building permit approved. We can now move forward with more construction! 

June 12, 2018: The drywall for all the interior main rooms has arrived! Cost: $15,500.00.

June 13, 2018: The drywall has been started in the main rooms.

June 22, 2018: The drywall is hung in all the interior rooms. Now the contractor will tape & seal all the drywall this week!

July 5, 2018: The drywall project has been completed in all the main rooms. Cost: $15,500.00 pd.

July 25, 2018 - Yoder Geothermal Drilling started drilling for the 15 loops that will go underground for the Geothermal system. This part of the project has been paid.

August 6, 2018 - The primer will be applied to all rooms and areas of the main areas to cover the drywall. Then one coat of paint will be applied over the primer.

August 2018 - The primer and satin paint has been applied to all the interior main rooms at a cost of $3,500.37. Paid.

August-September 2018 - Richardson Electric is putting in the electrical switches for lights, and the outlets and covers for all.  They will also be working with Roberts Geothermal HV/AC to put in the panel to supply the electric for the Geothermal system.

August - September 2018 - Roberts Geothermal is putting in more Geo. equipment in the mechanical room and doing more venting for the Geo. system and the HV/AC.

September 2018 - Yoder Drilling & Geothermal are presently digging the trenches to lay the pipes in to connect the Geo. loops to the pipes, and then to the inside of the shelter in the mechanical room. See the additional pictures in the "Geothermal Installation" tab!

September 2018- The pipes and loops are connected underground. Now we wait for the Geothermal system to be finished to start the HV/AC running.

October 2018 - Richardson Electric has completed the electrical wiring and additional breaker boxes to hook up the Geothermal equipment. Cost: $3,056.00 paid.

November 2018 - Almost ready to get the heat running in the main rooms!

November 2018 - Heat is running in the main rooms!

November 2018 - The suspended ceiling bids are in. Deciding on contractor to install.

December 5, 2018 - A contractor has been chose to install the "ceiling grid only" in all the main rooms except the mechanical and laundry rooms. (Not needed in these two rooms.) The contractor will commence with this job ASAP. Cost is: $6,860.00. (This does not include the ceiling panels.)

2018 Update: Richardson Electric is still working on Phase II. We have selected a drywall contractor to drywall all the rooms in the main areas. There has been a delay in putting up the drywall and it has been scheduled now for June, 2018.  We had to order two steel frames, and two galvanized steel doors, plus the sliding window that will go between the intake area and the office so that the drywall can be installed after these things are in place. Cost for steel doors & frames: $2,333.00, plus cost of glass window and labor for installing them. 

 Roberts Plumbing, HV/AC has been delayed in finishing the rest of the plumbing and installing more venting for the Geothermal due to State and County delays in permits, etc. Updates when he resumes and can finish his work. 

We are also getting bids on the foyer work and the dropped ceiling throughout the main rooms.  April 2018 Update: The Geothermal system venting and duct work is being installed throughout the shelter which has to be done next. (This is necessary to protect the drywall once it is installed and maintained in the winter at 50 degrees.) Once the drywall is installed, then the suspended ceiling and grid work can be done. Richardson Electric can continue with installing plate covers,  lights, and more. Moving along, slowly but surely. 


Note: Due to our website loosing much of our information of 2015-2017 updates and progress, we have put together the following progress report for your information.)
















DECEMBER 4TH, 2017- CONDUIT & ELECTRIC LINES RUN IN MAIN AREA BY RICHARDSON ELECTRIC (to hook up 3 electrical panel boxes after stud walls of rooms are up).








January 25th, 2019 - Carrollton Fraternity Order of Eagle's #2815 - $12,467.39 (4th. Quarter donation from 2018)

January 28th, 2019 - Douglas L. Houck Charitable Trust Grant - $10,190.00

January 29th, 2019 - Penn Energy Royalty - $275.98

February 28th, 2019 - Penn Energy Royalty -$268.54

March 27, 2019 - Penn Energy Royalty - $293.67

April 29th, 2019 - Penn Energy Royalty - $258.25

April 30, 2019 - Carrollton Fraternity Order of Eagle's #2815 - $3,018.55 - (1st. Quarterly donation for 2019)

April 30, 2019  - Barry Busse Life Insurance distribution from estate - $2,930.52

May 30, 2019 - Penn Energy Royalty - $281.06

June 24th, 2019 - Penn Energy Royalty - $246.93

July 18, 2019 - Carrollton Fraternity Order of Eagle's #2815 - $4,163.02 (2nd. Quarterly donation of 2019)

February 2018- Rex Energy Royalty - $395.83

January 2018 - Rex Energy Royalty - $661.26

January 2018 - Fraternity of Eagle's #2185 donation - $9,717.00

January 2017 - Fraternity of Eagle's  #2185 donation -  $2,915.18

January 2017 - David Weaver Estate - $3,000.00

January 2017 - Rex Energy Royalty - $867.11

January 2017 - Nancy Geiger - $1,000.00

January 2017 - Paul & Sharon Klein - $1,000.00

February 2017 Rex Energy royalty check # 105534 - $830.20

March 2017 Rex Energy check # 109167 - $663.43

March 2017 - Grant: $10,603.00 charitable grant contribution from the Douglas L. Houck Charitable Fund

April 2017 - Rex Energy Royalty - $524.89

April 2017 - Fraternity of Eagles #2185 donation  - $2,281.94

May - 2017 - Rex Energy Royalty $514.61

June 2017 - Doug Houck - $25,000.00 for cement project

June 2017 - Rex Energy Royalty - $494.96

July 2017 - Fraternity of Eagles #2185 - $1,873.63

July 2017 - Grant: $1,000.00 check #5543- John H. & Evelyn L. Ashton Preservation Association, Inc. for engineering costs

July 2017 - Rex Energy Royalty - $445.56

July 2017 - Anonymous donation of $2,000.00 in memory of owner's cat

August 2017 - Centreville Village residents - $606.97 - for their yard sale & hot dog stand

August 2017 McBane Insurance & Financial Services - Bergholz, Ohio $200.00 donation for their "Dress Down Days"

August 2017 - Rex Energy Royalty check - $354.88

August 2017 - Carissa & Bray Jones - $200.00 in honor of Bray's birthday

September - 2017 - Rex Energy Royalty - $350.06

October 2017 - Fraternity Order of Eagles #2815 - $2,916.86

October 2017 - Rex Energy Royalty - $338.97

November 2017 - Rex Energy Royalty - $345.47

December 2017 - $25,000.00 gift donation from Rick & Carol Hannon

December 2017 - $3,000.00 gift donation from anonymous donor

December 2017 - $500.00 gift donation from Paul & Sharon Klein

January 2018 - Rex Energy check (for December 2017) $341.14

January 10, 2018 - Fraternity Order of Eagles #2185 - $6,093.38

January 2016 - Received a check for $3900.00 from the Jerry & Janice Smith estate, from their daughter, Lori Perry. All proceeds will go towards the animal shelter construction.

2016 - February $10,385.00 - Douglas L. Houck Living Trust Fund grant

February 2016 - Received a check from Doug & Vicki Stephens for $500.00 in memory of Doug's Mother, Marcia Stephens.

2016 - April - $3,593.57 - Fraternal Order of Eagles #2185 donation. (note: FOE will give us a quarterly donation for the year of 2016 in a similar amount).

2016 - May -$2,000.00 - Anonymous donor - $1,000.00 for plumbing & $1,000.00 for cement

2016 - May - $500.00 - Margaret Jocek Trust - construction fund

2016 - May - $715.76 - Carroll Hills Industries workshop participants from proceeds of their hot dog stand held at Thorne's Grocery - towards the cement work

2016 - June 16 - Signed the Morton Building, Inc. contract for the scope of work of the rough-in plumbing and cement work inside the animal shelter

2016 - June 18 - Paid Morton Buildings, Inc. the down payment of $26,025.00 for Smith Piping, Co. of Carrollton to do the rough-in plumbing

2016 - July 7 - Fraternity Order of Eagle # 2185 of Carrollton -$3,074.81 2nd. quarter

2016 - July - Received a donation of $5,000.00 from the C.C. Constructors, LLC Union Craft Workers of the Bechtel Power Corporation the new the power plant on St. Rt. 9 - Carrollton

2016 - July - Received a $1,000.00 donation from J. Hawk Water Service, LLC - Malvern

2016 - September - Fraternity Order of Eagles #2185 - $2454.11 (3rd. quarter donation)

2016 - October -Annual Benefit Dinner & Silent Auction event - raised $15,100.50

2016 - October-Received our first royalty check from Rex Energy (oil & gas lease) - $350.82

2016 - November - Royalty check from Rex Energy - $690.16

2016 - December - Royalty check from Rex Energy - $715.48

2016 - December - Giving Well Family Foundation grant (GWFF) - $2,000.00

2016 - December -Received a $25,000 donation from Richard and Carol Hannon - Carrollton

2016 - December - Received a refund check from Morton Buildings, Inc. of $43,260.00 due to the fact the cement contractor did not comply to their paperwork demands and cancelled the contract with the cement contractor.

On December 7th, 2015, we received a check from the Rick & Carol Hannon Foundation for $25,000.00 towards continued construction of our no-kill animal shelter. We will use this most generous gift in the spring for further construction We thank Rick and Carol for their generosity and support!

November 2015 UPDATE: On November 5th, we received a letter from  Director Ralph Castellucci of the Carroll County Environmental Services stating "we will be allowed to put the dog waste in the sewer hook-up" when it comes down from Malvern to Carrollton in 2017. UPDATE  2017: We will now wait until we are notified if we have to put in our own sewer system plant  and drill a water well. Please help us keep going to get our animal shelter finished! Donate today-thank you!

October, 2015 UPDATE: The CCAPL Board of Directors chose Sheckler Excavating, In. of Malvern, Ohio to install the sewer system at a cost of approximately $56,920.00 when and if we need to put in our own sewer system. Updated 2017. 

From June 3rd, 2015, to June 16th, 2015- Morton Buildings, Inc. constructed the shell of our no-kill animal shelter. Cost: $129,500.00 paid in full.

July 22nd, 2015.

Finished the "shell" of our no-kill animal shelter building. Cost was $129,500.00 and is paid for. Plus, paid $22,500.00 for the mechanical plans to be done.

The Carroll County Animal Protection League needs your help to finish our building, inside and out! This includes the plumbing, cement, interior walls, heating/cooling system, fencing, electrical, well-drilling, and so much more!

We have worked so hard to reach this stage, and need your help to keep going to completion!




P.O. BOX 353


(A receipt will be mailed to you.)


Ground-breaking day! Sunday,May 31st. 2015

Photo by Kim Lewis, Carroll County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Attendees at our ground-breaking ceremony, Sunday, May 31st. 2015 and their dogs. The rain held off for our ceremony! Thanks to everyone who attended and made this day so special for us!

Special thanks to Don Gray who held the American Flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sylvia Sauer for her opening prayer. Patti Willoughby, CCAPL Treasurer for her financial update. Mark Wells for his dedication blessing prayer.  Speech was given by President, Eileen Rohrer.

UPDATE: We are on our way to construction!

Hi, Awesome supporters and animal-loving friends!


UPDATE-We received the word on May 13th, 2015 from Shawn Simmerman of Morton Buildings, Inc. and they will be delivering our new building on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 on our land! 

 How exciting is this! Wow! Yippee!


Therefore, our "Ground Breaking Ceremony" will be held on Sunday, May 31st, at 1:30 p.m. on our land, so bring your puppy dogs, family, friends, shovels and lawn chairs to celebrate this huge event for us! Rain or shine!


We could not have reached this milestone without all your generosity of donations, volunteerism, support and of course your commitment to us to get this far in reaching our goal- the beginning construction of the no-kill animal shelter building!

Hope to see you at the "Ground Breaking!"

And please have "Fido-dog" on a leash for safety reasons! 

Thank you! 


May 18, 2015 - Finished preparing the site pad!

Sheckler Excavating, Inc. came out on Monday, May 18, 2015.

They scrapped off the vegetation on the animal shelter site pad and put down limestone in preparation of the building arriving June 3rd, 2015!

May 13th. 2015- Four test holes done on all four corners to assure the land can hold the building- passed!


CCAPL Board of Directors presented Shawn Simmerman of Morton Buildings, Inc. a check for $129,500.00 at their meeting on April 22nd 2015! 

It will take at least 6-8 weeks for Morton's to put together our order of the building for delivery. Shawn told us the construction of the animal shelter building-shell will be done either mid-June or around the first part of July! We will know very soon of the delivery date and will post the update ASAP! 

We will coincide this delivery of our building with a "Ground Breaking Ceremony" (bring a shovel), right before the delivery, more than likely on a Sunday afternoon the day before delivery! How exciting!! Wow!

So watch for "THE OFFICIAL DATE" to be in on this wonderful event we have worked so hard to attain and to get started!  We are finally on our way and because of so many of you and your devotion, dedication, monetary and other donations of support and commitment and belief in us, we are getting started! Yippee!

Our land address: 4901 Canton Rd. NW. Carrollton, Ohio. (Rt. 43 between Malvern and Carrollton, Ohio)

We will also be drilling the well and AEP will be installing the electric pole with the transformer, etc. for the new service for our building. Once those two things are done, we will concentrate on the next steps to keep going!

UPDATE: April 17, 2015. We have received the approved permit to build the "shell" of the building for the no-kill animal shelter construction from the State of Ohio.

We are currently sending them to prospective contractors in and around the area of Carroll County, Ohio, for bids for the work that will need done inside the no-kill animal shelter. We will keep you posted on our progress. We are starting construction in the June 3rd, 2015 to construct the shell of the building. We have raised the $129,500.00 to put up the shell. We will go from there. Please continue to support our efforts to build our no-kill animal shelter to save lives of domestic animals! Thank you.

THE SIGN IS UP! July 3rd, 2014!

December 2014 update: The mechanical plans are almost done. Once finished, they will be presented to the CCAPL's Board of Directors. Once approved, they will be sent to the State of Ohio for the permits. Once the permits are issued, we will begin construction in the spring of 2015!

 We will keep you informed of our progress as it happens! Thank you!

The Morton Buildings, Inc. sign is on our property. It was installed on Thursday, July 3rd, at 1:30 p.m. by Shawn Simmerman (lower right), Morton's Project Manager and Mike Weckesser (lower left). 

CCAPL members present are Eileen Rohrer, Roberta Rothert, Kim Mills, Lynne Prince and her granddaughter and great-granddaughter, and Don Gray.

As soon as all the mechanical plans are done, we want to start building as early as late fall 2014, or early spring 2015. We will keep you posted on our progress. Donate today to help us build our no-kill animal shelter! Thank you!

2014- GREAT NEWS! WE ARE ON OUR WAY TO STARTING CONSTRUCTION! September 2014- We are currently waiting for all the mechanical plans to be completed and approved by the State of Ohio, and for the building permits to be issued. We will start construction in the spring of 2015!

May-2014 The CCAPL Board of Directors called a special meeting after the regular meeting Thursday, May 1st, to vote on moving forward with Morton's Buildings, Inc. By a unanimous vote of all seven Board of Directors present, the motion was made by Vice-President Lorna Whaley and seconded by Barbara Manning to send to Morton Buildings, Inc. the cost of Step 2 for $22,500.00 down payment to authorized them to finalize the Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing and HV/AC designs and obtaining the permits, based on the Conceptual Plan completed under Step 1 as noted and approved by the CCAPL Board of Directors. Patti Willoughby, our Treasurer, sent them a check along with the signed contract by our President. (Our attorney, Kathleen Stoneman has reviewed and approved the Morton Buildings, Inc. contract.)

Shawn Simmerman, the Morton Buildings, Inc. representative, was notified Thursday evening regarding the vote to move forward. Shawn advised the Board of Directors at the April 24th, director's meeting, it will take approximately 4-6 months before actual start-up construction could take place. That is okay, we have worked so hard in the last seven years and almost four months to get to this stage.

Once Step 2 is completed, Shawn will handle Step 3, the actual start of construction of our no-kill animal shelter. We will send Morton Buildings, Inc. a check for $129,500.00 to pay the cost of the "shell" of the building. This will include the exterior walls, roof, windows, exterior doors, and also the insulation throughout.

More updates as they happen-stay tuned!

A special thanks to everyone who has helped us and contributed to us along the way of our journey since we started January 17, 2007 to build a no-kill animal shelter for Carroll County, Carrollton, Ohio!

February, 2014 - The CCAPL received a $10,150.00 grant from the Douglas Houck Charitable Fund towards the no-kill animal shelter construction.

April 7th, 2014 - The Carroll County Animal Protection League has received the second monetary grant from the  The John H. & Evelyn L. Ashton Preservation Association, Inc.of Carrollton, Ohio. Their commitment to us is $4,000.00 each year from 2013 to 2015. We thank the John H. & Evelyn L. Ashton Preservation Association, Inc. for their generosity and support to us. This monetary donation grant will be used in the no-kill animal shelter construction.

May 2014 - The CCAPL received a $10,000.00 monetary grant from the Richard C. Hannon, Jr. and Carol L Hannon Charitable Foundation